For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Pointing to true peace

What we all see is movement and change. Forms change in relationship to one another and within forms, as science has made clear to those who had not seen, there is only shifting and changing, nothing fixed.

Our attention and comment is nearly always on or about that which is changing, from weather to feelings to movements of resources and (supposed) power. We talk of change all the time, we label and value fleeting forms within this flowing. It is the nature of humans to propose cause/effect and reason to these happenings where there is none. There are no fixed forms and so no concepts on their 'reason' to move or 'act' can be true.

How, in being obsessed by the movement of change all around us, do we then fall into suffering the non-fixedness that is reality? We know all is changing and of no fixed form, [Please revisit science, look out of your window or watch your mind for a minute to reaffirm this] and as ones who see nothing but change we are unique it seems, uniquely self imprisoned by our idea that what we deem good must remain fixed and what we deem bad must be encouraged to move on.

Were a child haunted by a ghost in their mind then you'd aid them to escape this. So too for yourself, remind yourself of how all is changing, forms and doership, cause and effect, are the ghosts in your mind.

We can't deny the ever shifting change. And in that is true peace.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I really like your site and think it would be a great resource to those visiting my site.The essays on my site, On Second Thought,, demystify the concept of non-duality so that more may be exposed to its transformative power. After all, everyone deserves a sip of the good stuff, yes?

May I add your site to my Links page? Would you perhaps be interested in adding a link to my site as well?

John Ptacek

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