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all is well

Now I can't speak for Scott Bradley or for anyone even else but I have always striven for a philosophy where the slogan, the synopsis and the conclusion are "all is well" or similar - to reach this point then frees us to get to other matters. I do not think we can even concider such things as education, law, boarders and territory, or any matter for that matter until we have laid a clean mat. It is likely with a good clean start point, one that does not need lengthy explanation or deep intellectual understanding but one that is clean and simple, would leave us free of the need to argue over land, resources, health, education or other such matters.

We know humanities commonly perceived position is precarious. We have energy crises, pollution, poverty and not the resources to balance rich and poor. We have wars caused by greed over resources and difference of opinion, we have borders closed to the needy and feelings of disharmony and disconnection from our own species. We've treated our life source as a throw away resource.

If people live on in this way we think, it's going to get worse, and it's already shocking.

Now I'm not sure if we can draw others towards a common good way with any other method than by setting a good example. The only way is to just do what you believe is best and as long as that follows the golden rule of not negatively affecting anyone else, and it has added benefit also, then it should flourish. Forcing a way, or directing a way with policies or rule only bring about exactly what we already have. Force necessarily brings about resistence.

It is right then that "all is well" be the slogan and that each step of the way keeps that in mind. Decisions made in reaction or forced from seemingly bad situations will yield results still tainted in negativity. Decisions made when all is well, with the intention of all still being well, and in no way ever negatively affecting anyone else, when they take ground will rest on fertile soil.

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