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We think in time and space - not live in time and space

"We think in time and space - not live in time and space"

I often enjoy reading the new findings on the Electric Universe model. Todays article had more of an esoteric angle than normal:

"What science produces is neither universally true nor real, but is created by the observer and is relative to his predispositions and equipment. As a result, it is not complete but selected, not objective but subjective, and not unique but partial.

This produces an observer-created reality, says physicist Roger Jones, in which "the observer and observed ... cannot be broken down into independent components" because "the observer has an uncontrollable and non-removable effect on what is observed."

The result, according to physicist Arthur March, is that "what is perceived is....the effects brought to light by this procedure," effects which "are created by this process." This means that the scientist each time he observes creates something new, for, as physicist John Wheeler says, "this is a participatory universe.""


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