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Spiritual Halflife

Like many things in a cyclic world there seem to be half lives. It is perhaps the nature of the fractal or our very slight view on the ultimate reality of pure stillness that bring about apparent motions of decay where things spin away, to an apparent future, in an apparent idea of time, apparently before our eyes, and so we say are real -- that we see nuclear like effects from the micro-scale playing before our eyes in the macro - "HEY THIS IS REALITY" he says confidently to mask the truth, so he can play out the game of life in the way it seems so real.

The formation of reality is such a part of us that we forget, but when macro life plays out like science we see in the micro, the patterns link and the oneness of all is seen and because the patterns on no matter which scale are all acting, from the one stillness, where there is nothing, then life as we see it is demonstrated to be just a dream that is to be enjoyed. Why all the stress and strain?

The strain of everything taught as "the new way forward" or acted out as the 'new best thing' or any 'dreams,' and so actions, built from a desire to have 'more this' or this new that, are chasing the trails of patterns playing out in waves and forming the very reality that they are acting out.

Chasing them forms the action of them running away and so it perpetuates.

Half lives as seen in nuclear physics act out also in medical research, behavioral studies and most branches of thought. You drink tea and 2 hours later you are high, 14 hours later the half life is over. You have of course re-topped-up the peak and so extended the time until the half life would regress but had you not the half life would keep on decaying. Every 14 hours you'd be closer by half to being ever free of caffeine. Notice you can never be 'ever free' as there once was a was.

Again action leads to the event in time, and that relates to a perceived event in the future, the mix forms apparent time as an effect.

Harmony and right action leads to a better way and forced reactive living scrapes and scrawls its way along, making more fuss and bother.

'Harmony' - "being the way and the objective" is the way of Tao, and half lives and harmony are seen in science life and nature. What we also clearly see is disharmony in life and it's self-perpetuating, rude, rumble, through dreamworld.

There is no need to upset the dream and have any suffering, at all, not one bit: but the bare-bottomed, small-brained, blast through a few thousand years of history, has made it so, and it is rattling on from Phd's being written over "a better world of unity, globalism and prosperity" where they can not pass the subject without quoting so many others that not one original thought exists, to a populous obsessed over this or that.

All we have to do is sit back, chill Winston, take a breather, and it will all sort out. The people we can't relate to, those who go to war, those who incite war, those desiring leadership or change, are effects of the drum solo being played out in the dream reality - it is bad manners. They will rattle to a halt soon enough.

So here we go onwards, keep the spiritual half life well from decaying, strive on! Sit down, for a lifetime.


Read That is That by Wu Wu (only if you want, of course)

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Rizal Affif said...

A guidance I can rarely find... thank you very much :)

Leon Basin said...

Rizal Affif - Thank you! Beautiful. I want you to write once in a while! You're stuff is inspiring man!:)

Leon Basin said...

Hey, I want more posts!!!!